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Spring farm with Bill Harrigan.jpg
'Spring Farm', Paynes Lane, Fairy Meadow, New South Wales (now Caldwell Avenue, Tarrawanna) with Bill Harrigan 1857-1948

Harrigan home Tarrawanna edit .jpg
"Spring Farm" Paynes Lane (now Caldwell Avenue), Tarrawanna. The homes are on the grant of land given to Edward Harrigan. The smaller house may be the original home that was built on the property. The larger house was until 1948 the home of William…

53 Battalion A Company.jpg
I believe that this photo includes members of the Ray family who served in World War I. Can anybody provide any more information on this photo?

After many days being the reminiscences of Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh.pdf
This book was written in 1917 and is referred to in the Reminiscences of John Hurst. The book includes references to the Jenkins family.


Albert Charles Angel, son of Richard Angel and his wife Sarah Boyton died 16 November 1939 at Wagga Wagga District Hospital, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. He was buried on 17 November 1939 at Wagga Wagga Momumental Cemetery, Wagga Wagga, New South…


Angel, Albert 'Cap' and his wife Margaret Lambert and their children Allen Amos Angel and Harold 'Ack' Angel.


Alfred Angel son of Richard and Mary Angel nee Brooker Lynne Wallace.jpg
Son of Richard Angel and Sarah Boynton. Grandson of Henry Angel and Mary Brooker.


Edward Jonathon Angel, son of Henry Angel and his wife Mary Brooker. Died 8 November 1934 at Springvale, Lake Albert, New South Wales, Australia. Buried 10 November at Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.


Daughter of James Brooker 1834-1907 and Mary Ann Jamieson 1838-1912. Married Edward Jonathon Angel June 2, 1880


Ethel Ann Victoria Angel b1882 edited.jpg


Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery
Location: Ang-R-6-0024

Three sons of Richard Angel 1844-1907 and Sarah Boyton (Angel) 1849-1917: L-R Herbert James Angel, Albert Charles Angel and Robert Henry Angel.




Husband of Eliza Angel


Olive Elizabeth Angel from Lynne Wallace.jpg

Samuel Angel Born 1853 Son of Mary and Henry Angel Malcolm Johnston.jpg

William Angel 1838 Son of Mary and Henry Angel Malcolm Johnston.jpg
William Angel was the son of Mary and Henry Angel, grandson of Jonathon Brooker and Mary Wade.



Brown, Judy nee Babington.jpg
Judy Brown nee Babington in her wedding dress. This photo was taken a week after Ron and Judy were married in 1935. The photo was taken by Mrs Cottrell in the Cottrell's garden at Mountain Creek. The bouquet Judy is holding is not the one she had on…


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