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Comments by Roger Morrow: "The photos is Marjorie Morrow who was one of the authors of Mary Wade to Us. I remember I had to drive across Sydney to pick Marj up from Castle Hill and drive her into Circular Quay at the time the sun came up !!!... It…

Location of Settlement Point Reserve.PNG
Be part of the first Mary Wade family reunion since the launch of 'Mary Wade to Us' in 1986.

If you would like more information, then please email

The First Year Prize went to Clayton Hewitt for achieving the highest mark in 100 level Australian History subject.

The Second Year Prize went to Jenni Bridges and Jacob Rutty for achieving the highest mark in 200 level Australian History…

MWFHA Committee 2019.pdf
List of Committee members and other contributors in 2020



A humourous anecdote recorded by Brigadier Victor Carlton Griffin relating to an event which occurred during his period of service with the 10th Gurkha Rifles.


Letter re Mary Wade plaque and ceremony.jpg
Photographs of the Mary Wade plaque before mounting, the dedication ceremony and the current condition of the plaque

Warld War I diary of Private Walter Melville Harrigan


An introduction by the late Jeff Robinson, former Convenor of the re-established Mary Wade Family History Association.

MWFHA Newsletter Feb 2021 (1).pdf
February, 2021

MWFHA Newsletter June 2022 .pdf
June, 2022




Elizabeth Spinks nee Harrigan married to Robert Spinks Julies Webster.jpg
No dates available

Elizabeth Jones Nee Spinks Sandra Jones.jpg
Daughter of Robert Spinks and Elizabeth Reeve. Not a Mary Wade descendant

AEB Jones 1st child of Elizabeth Spinks Sandra Jones.jpg
1st Child of Elizabeth Spinks (army pic)

Ivy Cottage Woodgreen England home of James Angel or Angel family.jpg


Olive Elizabeth Angel from Lynne Wallace.jpg


Hurst family picture from Karen Peacock.jpg
Standing from L to R: - Unknown, Peacock, Ashley 1892-1973, unknown, Wells, Ezekiel George 1871-1935, Peacock, Isabel , Unknown, Peacock, Albert 1897-1934, Peacock, Iris, Hurst (Peacock) Mary Jane 1861-1954
Middle L to R: Angel (Hurst), Keturah…
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