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Privacy Policy

Personal details

In order to access some of the services on this site, you will be required to register for and use an account and password using an online registration form which requests certain information from you. From time to time, you may choose to submit additional personal information.

We will take all reasonable care and diligence in the securing and handling of your personal information. We will hold this personal information on our systems until such time as you notify us that you no longer wish to maintain your registration.

We may use this information for purposes including but not limited to: granting you access to this site; and communicating with you by email regarding Association news.

Genealogical data and historical artefacts

An essential component of the Association is the maintenance, management and presentation of genealogical data, and historical artefacts such as photographs and stories ("Data"). You may from time to time choose to submit data to us by any medium. You acknowledge that we may or may not at our discretion accept part or all of your submitted data for incorporation into our data.

You acknowledge that we may publish any data submitted to us by you or any other person on our site subject to the below Privacy Controls.

Privacy Controls: All historical artefacts are considered public and are visible to all users of this site. Users of this site who have registered for a user account and whose registration has been accepted by us are able to see all genealogical data published on our site. Users of this site who do not have a user account are unable to see the following genealogical information:

1) Genealogical information belonging to persons who are believed to be still living;

2) Names of persons who have been specifically designated by us as 'private'.

We reserve the right to alter our Privacy Controls at any time without notice to you.

Users who register for a user account with this site are not granted access to a user account until their registration has been accepted by us. We make every effort to ensure that user account registrations belong to genuine members of the Mary Wade Family but make no warranty, express or implied, that users holding user accounts are true members of the Mary Wade Family. You hereby waive any claim against us arising out of misuse of data published on this site.

If you have concerns with the public nature of any information on this site you should contact us immediately in writing, providing details and reasons, using the contact details publicly available on the site. You acknowledge and agree that upon receipt of such a notification we may remove the identified materials from our site without accepting liability to any party.