Angel, Karen Heather - Grandchildren


Angel, Karen Heather - Grandchildren


mitchell fenwick-scott


mitchell fenwick-scott


i am the grandchild of karen heather angel, her brothers are john angel and mark angel and chris angel, her father died of a heart attack when she was young. her mother was left with 4 children to raise on a single income. karen married david scott and had three children, cheryl, racheal and wayne.

my mother chery had me mitchell fenwick 29/07/92 and jake fenwick 14/12/94

my auntie racheal has three children, ethan, jessica and joshua

my uncle wayne has two children, Indiana a girl and lachlan his son

all of us grandchildren were born after the book was made so none of us are in it. id try to upload us on there but im pretty bad with computers. i will be able to get all the info of our birth dates etc

we all live on the central coast except for my uncle who lives in decpetion bay 1 hour from brisbane in qld. we have a strong history of military service with many descendants fighting in the world war and the police force with recent generations wayne was in the navy and served in iraq my mother cheryl and my pa david both served in the police force, i will soon be joining the navy. thats just a bit of info i will get more info about us and write it up properly to add to the collection

mitchell fenwick


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