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Babington, Harry Daniel and Joan nee Martin .jpg
Harry Daniel 'Dan' Babington and Joan Martin on their wedding day at Culcairn on the 12th January 1949.
Dan died in the Holbrook Hospital on 9th July 1993. He was 73 years old. Dan is buried in the Culcairn cemetery.


Babington, Mary Ann Ada nee Holder, her home at Morven.jpg
This is a photo of Mary Ann Ada Babington's second home. Her brothers, the Holder boys, built this home after her husband William Babington had his first stroke. This home had been built from stringy bark poles and flattened out kerosene drums, and…

Babington, Valerie nee Robinson & Jennie Holder nee Entel.jpg
Valerie (Val) Babington nee Robinson, born 25th August 1927 at Albury. Val married William (Bill) Babington in 1947 in Melbourne. Val died in Culcairn hospital on 23rd August 2007, just two days short of her 80th birthday.
Jennie Holder nee Entel.…

Babington, William (Bill).jpg
William Hume Babington was born on the 8th June 1917 at Culcairn Hospital. Bill married Valerie (Val) Robinson in 1947 at Melbourne. Bill is standing beside the first car he had owned, he bought this car after he came out of the Army in 1945. Photo…


William Charles Hume Babington was born in March 1870 in the home of his parents, Daniel and Ellen Buckley (nee Sherry) in Townsend Street, Albury. In later years William adopted his step-grandfather’s name of Babington. Babington is the name he…


Babington, William Charles Hume at Henty.jpg
William Charles Hume Babington in his later years, watering his horse at the back of the Hotel at Henty in the mid 1920’s.


Babington, William Charles Hume with race horse.jpg
William Charles Hume Babington was born in March 1870 in Townsend Street Albury. Williams occupation was a Jockey and Groom.
William married Mary Ann Ada Holder on 17th September 1912 at Holbrook. He died in his home at Morven on 31st July 1930 and…


Border Mail Anzac Day 2007 interview with Bill Babington and his mate.pdf
Bill Babington and Jack Bates were great mates. They both went to the Morven Public school together and every Anzac day Jack travelled down to Culcairn to march with his old mate Bill. Jack died in 2009 at Canberra.
Bill Babington fought at Tobruk…


Babington, William (Bill) 2.jpg
William Hume (Bill) Babington - Australian Army Service Number VX42207


Babington, William with Clydesdale.jpg
This photo of William Babington was taken shortly before his death in 1930. He is with one of the Clydesdale’s that pulled his coffin to the Culcairn cemetery.




Jack Bonnell.jpg
Grandson of Isabella Ledwidge

Bonnell, John Maxwell military records .jpg
Service Number - VX122008
Selected pages from the Attestation papers of John Maxwell Bonnell
Date of birth - 25 November 1923
Place of enlistment - Foster, Victoria
Killed in Action 21 April 1943 Papua New Guinea



News article, 30 June 1876, regarding to the case of Daniel Boon, charged with murder.

News report in the Goulburn Herald and Chronicle, dated 22 July 1876, regarding the hanging of Daniel Boon for murder.

News article in the Gundagai Times, dated 2 July 1876, relating to the execution of Daniel Boon for murder.

In-depth article in the Goulburn Herald and Chronicle, dated 26 January 1876, describing the shooting by Daniel Boon of the blacksmith Alexander McMullen.

At Campbelltown NSW cemetery
Does anybody have the transcript of the headstone?

Eliza Boyton was the wife of James Angel 1848-1928. She died on 28 March 1912 and is buried at the Church of England Cemetery, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

Holder, Mary Ann Ada and Ted Bradshaw.jpg
This photo was taken at Holbrook, NSW. Mary and Ted were married at Holbrook in 1941. Mary was almost 52 years old. Mary met Ted Bradshaw while working as the cook for the main homestead at ˜Coppabella Station' near Jinjellic. Ted worked there as a…


Brenning, Louisa.jpg
Headstone of Louisa Brenning (Harrigan) second wife of James Edward Harrigan 1839-1929


Daughter of Mary Wade and Jonathan Brooker born 1812 at Hawkesbury NSW. She is buried at Wagga Wagga NSW with her husband Henry Angel and their son
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