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Shirley Webb painted the Lady Juliana for the cover of 'Mary Wade to Us'. Shirley was a member of the original committee that created and published 'Mary Wade to Us', and is descended from Edward Harrigan.

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A detailed and informative essay describing the world Mary Wade was born into, and the background behind the First Fleet, contributed by Marjorie Morrow, a great, great granddaughter of Mary Wade.

The story of Mary's descendants through her daughter Sarah.

An extract from The Crier in Campbelltown relating to the 1984 Muster of Mary Wade's descendants.

In 1986, the original Mary Wade History Association, after years of research, published a most important book for the descendants of Mary Wade. This book, 'Mary Wade to Us: A Family History 1778 - 1986' contains a wealth of information about Mary…

An examination of the conditions faced by convicts, and many details regarding the process of transportation.
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