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News article, 30 June 1876, regarding to the case of Daniel Boon, charged with murder.

News report in the Goulburn Herald and Chronicle, dated 22 July 1876, regarding the hanging of Daniel Boon for murder.

News article in the Gundagai Times, dated 2 July 1876, relating to the execution of Daniel Boon for murder.

In-depth article in the Goulburn Herald and Chronicle, dated 26 January 1876, describing the shooting by Daniel Boon of the blacksmith Alexander McMullen.

Fishers Ghost murder, source Ian Thomson.JPG
Nathaniel Boon, husband of Sarah Wade, identified Fisher's Body.

The Fishers Host website is and on Wikipedia's_ghost

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Kevin Rudd SYDNEY MORNING HERALD  31 July 2008.docx
The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has been presented with a two-volume compendium on his family links to petty criminals, including an English street urchin sentenced to death for fleecing an eight-year-old of her dress and underwear in a toilet.


Comments by Roger Morrow: "The photos is Marjorie Morrow who was one of the authors of Mary Wade to Us. I remember I had to drive across Sydney to pick Marj up from Castle Hill and drive her into Circular Quay at the time the sun came up !!!... It…

Newspaper column from 1973 describing the early history of Uardry Stud, including interesting anecdotes about Henry Angel.
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