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Remie Amy WartersAge: 84 years18881972

Remie Amy Warters
Birth August 4, 1888 35 35

Footnote: 17932/1888

Birth of a sisterVera May Warters
January 9, 1891 (Age 2 years)

Footnote: 29248/1891

Birth of a brotherRay Hansell Warters
March 21, 1893 (Age 4 years)

Footnote: 29940/1893

Birth of a brotherNeville Edmund Warters
November 26, 1895 (Age 7 years)
Death of a motherEliza Ray
January 28, 1922 (Age 33 years)
Cause: Cholelithiasis, Empyema of Gall Bladder
Note: Last seen by Dr W.J. Hull on the day she died. Death informant was her son S.J. Warters. Source: death certificate supplied by the National Centre of Biography. Entered by Sandie McKoy.
Burial of a motherEliza Ray
January 30, 1922 (Age 33 years)
Note: Burial witnesses were Walter J. Wood and L. Nicholson. Source: death certificate supplied by the National Centre of Biography. Entered by Sandie McKoy.
Death of a fatherJohn Edmund Warters
April 18, 1923 (Age 34 years)
Cause: Carcinoma of the Stomach, Cachexia
Note: Last seen by Dr R.M. Cookston on the 8th of April 1923. Death informant was his son S.J. Warters. Source: death certificate supplied by the National Centre of Biography. Entered by Sandie McKoy.

The death took place at Picton on the 18th inst., of Mr. John Edmund Warters, father of our good townsman, Mr. Otto Warters. He was 72 years of age, and was a popular townsman in Picton where he lived many years.

The late Mr. Warters was a fine cornet player, and an enthuiastic bandsman. When writer of this par. lived in Picton in his callow youth, the late Mr. Warters trained a band and acted as conductor.

Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1954) Friday 27 April 1923 p 3 Article

Burial of a fatherJohn Edmund Warters
April 20, 1923 (Age 34 years)
Note: Burial witnesses were Will. Crawley and Walter J. Wood. Source: death certificate supplied by the National Centre of Biography. Entered by Sandie McKoy.
Death of a brotherWilfred George Warters
March 30, 1936 (Age 47 years)

Footnote: 4974/1936

Death of a sisterStella Ray Warters
November 2, 1936 (Age 48 years)
Death of a brotherSydney John Warters
January 2, 1948 (Age 59 years)


Sydney John Warters

Another link with the old life of Picton has been snapped in the passing of one of the grand old men, Mr. Sydney John Warters, (old Syd Warters as he was affectionately known) who died at his home in Argyle Street, last Friday, January 2nd, aged 74, after an illness of several weeks.

Born in Sydney, deceased was the eldest child of the late John Edmund and Eliza Warters. He came as a baby to reside in Picton with his parents, and has lived in Argyle Street, ever since.

Mr. Sydney Warters was known far and wide throughout the district, and was highly respected for the strict integrity which was an outstanding quality of his character. He worked as a carpenter and contractor and undertaker all his life, being both zealous and painstaking in all his undertakings.

As a citizen, one could not find a better man. He was one of the original founders of the Picton brass band, which developed under his inspiration, was secretary for many years of Lodge Picton Masonic, and the School of Arts, in which position he was keen and thorough; and was one of the trustees of St. Mark's Church.

A life long member of the Anglican church, he maintained a high Christian standard within his home circle, and in his dealings with men, and by his passing, the church and the community are poorer.

Deceased was the eldest of eleven children, and was always devoted to his parents and brothers and sisters. For 23 years he has acted as a father to them, and they will assuredly miss him.

He was predeceased by Wilfred, Stella (Mrs. Power) and is survived by Otto of Fivedock, Elsie (Mrs. W. A. Crawley) of Undercliffe, Myra (Mrs. Ray) of Wellington Park, Mildred (Mrs. Wilson) of Cronulla, Remie (Miss Warters) of Picton, Vera (Mrs. Terrett) of Goulburn, Ray of Gosford and Neville of Waverley.

During his recent illness he was devotedly attended by his sisters, Miss R. Warters of Picton and Mrs. Terett of Goulburn.

The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, January 3rd, and was one of the largest and most beautiful ever seen in this district.

Prior to the service in St. Mark's Church, the. Rev. F. A.S. Shaw conducted a service at the house for the family.

A most impressive service was held in the church where a large gathering of citizens and brother Masons of Lodge Picton attended to pay their last respects to one so loved and esteemed.

Representatives from Lodge Bowral, Campbelltown and Camden were also present. During the service the Picton band, in the church grounds, played softly, sacred and solemn music, the strains of which echoed throughout the building.

The Rev. Shaw during the service in the church could not have paid higher tribute to a man, than he did with his heartfelt words, which sentiments were echoed in the hearts of all those 'who had known the deceased.

He said that he was a man among men, honest and reliable, and his word was his bond. He was a man of generous and sympathetic nature and one capable of kindly understanding. There was no one in the district had such a knowledge of Picton and its people.

The Rev. Shaw said that he was a devout member of St. Mark's church,' Sunday evenings found him at service sitting in the back seat. His contributions to the funds were frequent and generous. He also lovingly attended to various repair work to the church building.

He added, that though Mr. I Warters was perhaps a man of few words, his good deeds were I many, and those deeds endeared him to all. Picton will seem strangely different by his absence. He didn't want to die. His illness came as a shock to him, but he had courage and with the Sacrament, came peace.

The Rev. Shaw then extended to his sisters, brothers and relatives the deepest and warmest sympathy of all present, and expressed the hope that the thoughts he had tittered, would in some way warm their hearts and prove a comfort to their minds.

At the conclusion of the service the cortege proceeded to the graveside in the church grounds, where Worshipful Brother E. H. Oakman read the Masonic burial service. Regalia was worn by all members.

After the lowering of the coffin, the Picton band played 'Nearer My God to Thee' and then by special request 'Peace, Perfect Peace.'

The graveside was banked with dozens of beautiful wreaths. We joint with the people of the district in extending our deepest sympathy to his sorrowing relatives.

The Picton Post (NSW : 1907 - 1954) Thursday 8 January 1948 p 2 Article

Death of a sisterMildred Ada Warters
July 5, 1951 (Age 62 years)

Footnote: 18531/1951

Death of a sisterVera May Warters
July 22, 1954 (Age 65 years)

Footnote: 24349/1954

Death of a brotherOtto Ernest Warters
September 28, 1955 (Age 67 years)

Footnote: 18794/1955

Death of a sisterMyra Olivette Warters
July 31, 1959 (Age 70 years)

Footnote: 27765/1959

Death of a brotherNeville Edmund Warters
November 22, 1967 (Age 79 years)
Death of a sisterElsie Mabel Warters
July 7, 1970 (Age 81 years)

Footnote: 32236/1970

Death October 15, 1972 (Age 84 years)

Footnote: 67168/1972

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Marriage: November 22, 1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
13 months
elder brother
Sydney John Warters
Birth: January 5, 1874 20 21Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Death: January 2, 1948Picton, New South Wales, Australia
22 months
elder brother
23 months
elder brother
Otto Ernest Warters
Birth: October 3, 1877 24 25Picton, New South Wales, Australia
Death: September 28, 1955Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia
2 years
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
4 years
elder sister
Mildred Ada Warters
Birth: January 14, 1886 32 33Picton, New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 5, 1951Sutherland, New South Wales, Australia
3 years
Remie Amy Warters
Birth: August 4, 1888 35 35Picton, New South Wales, Australia
Death: October 15, 1972Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia
2 years
younger sister
Vera May Warters
Birth: January 9, 1891 37 38Picton, New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 22, 1954Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia
2 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
Neville Edmund Warters
Birth: November 26, 1895 42 43Picton, New South Wales, Australia
Death: November 22, 1967Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia
-12 years
elder sister

BirthFootnote: 17932/1888
DeathFootnote: 67168/1972