Mary Wade Family

John JenkinsAge: 83 years18161899

John Jenkins
Birth January 6, 1816
Arrived in Australia
on "Grenada" - free
January 23, 1825 (Age 9 years)

MarriageMaria RayView this family
August 17, 1841 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a son
John Francis Jenkins
June 4, 1842 (Age 26 years)

Footnote: V18421253 26A/1842

Birth of a daughter
Charlotte Jenkins
February 6, 1844 (Age 28 years)
Christening of a daughterCharlotte Jenkins
May 19, 1844 (Age 28 years)
Birth of a son
William Henry Jenkins
February 13, 1846 (Age 30 years)

Information on birth location:

Gillenbah- Information on Birth Certificate New South Wales 17096 Eileen Alma Jenkins (daughter)

Christening of a sonWilliam Henry Jenkins
November 1, 1846 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
Maria Jenkins
December 17, 1847 (Age 31 years)

Footnote: V18472413 34A/1847

Birth of a daughter
Sarah Ann Jenkins
October 3, 1849 (Age 33 years)

Footnote: V18492418 34A/1849

Birth of a son
Francis Thomas Jenkins
July 20, 1854 (Age 38 years)
Christening of a sonFrancis Thomas Jenkins
October 7, 1855 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a daughter
Eliza Jenkins
July 6, 1856 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a daughter
Elizabeth Jenkins
August 20, 1858 (Age 42 years)
Birth of a daughter
Mary Jane “Minnie” Jenkins
June 4, 1862 (Age 46 years)
Birth of a son
Ridley Walter Jenkins
January 28, 1867 (Age 51 years)

Footnote: 9960/1867

Marriage of a childWilliam Henry JenkinsAmelia Emily RuddView this family
February 3, 1867 (Age 51 years)
Marriage of a childJohn Francis JenkinsCatherine Mary FennellView this family
December 17, 1867 (Age 51 years)

Footnote: New South Wales, Australia BD&M Number 3176/1867


Footnote: Can be found of p.46-47 of 'Mary Wade to Us' S35

Marriage of a childWilliam HayesCharlotte JenkinsView this family
1869 (Age 52 years)
Marriage of a childRobert John RayMaria JenkinsView this family
October 13, 1869 (Age 53 years)
Marriage of a childDaniel Joseph FennellSarah Ann JenkinsView this family
1874 (Age 57 years)

Footnote: Mary Wade P 49


Footnote: 4012/1874

Marriage of a childThomas OrmerodCharlotte JenkinsView this family
1876 (Age 59 years)
Marriage of a childFrancis Thomas JenkinsSophia Harrison CazalyView this family
1876 (Age 59 years)
Marriage of a childGeorge MairEliza JenkinsView this family
January 15, 1879 (Age 63 years)
Source: Footnote: 3327/1879
Source: Footnote: Mary Wade P 51
Death of a sonRidley Walter Jenkins
1887 (Age 70 years)

Footnote: 8876/1887

Burial of a sonRidley Walter Jenkins
July 30, 1887 (Age 71 years)

Cemetery: Nangus General Cemetery
Marriage of a childAndrew Steele Caldwell BeveridgeMary Jane “Minnie” JenkinsView this family
May 22, 1889 (Age 73 years)
Death of a daughterCharlotte Jenkins
July 1893 (Age 77 years)
Death October 16, 1899 (Age 83 years)
Family with Maria Ray - View this family
Marriage: August 17, 1841St Peters Church of England, Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia
3 years
Charlotte Jenkins
Birth: February 6, 1844 28 21Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 1893Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia
12 years
2 years
-4 years
-12 years
6 years
15 years
5 years
Ridley Walter Jenkins
Birth: January 28, 1867 51 44Gundagai, New South Wales, Australia
Death: 1887Gundagai, New South Wales, Australia
-17 years
-4 years


John and his younger brother Francis travelled to the Murrumbidgee River near Wagga in the 1830's and commenced raising cattle on Tooyal Station. Francis later bought more cattle and the two brothers purchased Buckingbong Station from a Mr Best in 1833. John and Francis now had over 1000 cattle between them and they soon prospered. John established a home at Gillenbah Station, seven miles below Buckingbong and Gillenbah stations covered an area of 83,200 acres. The brothers also purchased Gall Gall station (30,000 acres) on the Murray River, near Mildura as well as Yanko Station (57,000 acres) purchased from Mr. George Hill. The brothers also purchased Little Swamp Station (18,000 acres) on the Murrumbidgee River and South Thonongah station (40,000 acres) on the Lachlan River. After their marriage John and Maria travelled to their property near Narandera where they survived the drought and depression of the 1840s. They made a fortune running sheep and cattle to feed the growing population on the Victorian goldfields during the 1850s. John and Maria had 10 children. In the mid 1850s John purchased "Nangus" near Gundagai. The property was 57,000 acres which had belonged to William and Hannibal MacArthur. After John purchased third property he built an imposing house of Georgian design. Apart from his pastoral activities, John became involved in flour milling, the steamer trade and wine making. John was financially ruined by the failure of the Australian Joint Bank in the 1890s and the family retired to Buckingbong. From "Exploration and Settlement in Australia". "In '54 John bought Nangus Station, near Gundagai, where he resided for many years. He was a man that went into many enterprises that did not prove as successful as his pastoral pursuits. He was active when I last saw him, he being eight-six years of age. His father had lived to over ninety years, and his sister, the widow of James Garner, an old pioneer of the Lower Murrumbidgee, lived to eight-six years. There was no man that I have met, that I have obtained so much information from about the early days on the Murrumbidgee as I did from John Jenkins. He has been a traveller on the roads with stock from his boyhood days. He had endured hard work and privation from the time he was a child. The first time he travelled to Berrima to the Murrumbidgee, he managed to procure a horse: the second time he made the trip he had to walk the whole distance. He went through the vicissitudes of a pastoralist to the fullest extent. Before gold was discovered, he had taken mobs of superior fat bullocks from his Gillenbah Station and sold them in the Sydney markets for One pound five shillings per head. Four years after he had a contract to deliver fat bullocks to the Bendigo goldfields at 24 pound each, and the quality was not required to be first class. John was financially ruined by the failure of the Australian Joint Stock bank in the 1890s and the family retired to Buckingbong where John died on 16 October 1899, aged 83 years. He was buried in the Narrandera Cemetery.

source ref: Hull Family Tree @ & Nicole Smythe

The Jenkins were among the first settlers in the Campbelltown area.

Daily Express 27 May 1922. One of John Jenkins daughters married William Hayes who conducted the flour mill at Spring Flat near Gundagai. (Gormly's book page 367). Another daughter married Steel Beveridge the eldest son of James Beveridge of Tenandra. One daughter married George Mair jnr. of Gundagai, who was the first mayor of Gundagai.

John Jenkins owned a store kept by Alfred Besson of South Gundagai. The store was destroyed by fire in August 1862 and the building was not insured. Besson's goods were insured for £3000 (Wynyard Times).

John Jenkins was arrested for murder in 1878 - See McCullum Perkins Papers. It was something to do with John hitting someone with a loaded whip and the man died. It appears John was let off.

The above newspaper clippings are courtesy of Jenny Hodges